Resort is an edited and curated collection of Gilbert’s signature eveningwear with a restrained tranquility and refinement. FLOAT expresses stillness and solidarity. Focus is on quality and longevity of the pieces created. Bringing to light some of Gilberts greatest hits, bonded form fitting silhouettes, liquified embellishments, and luxe ostrich feathers elevate the collection and create a modern yet sophisticated evening look. As the brand builds on their foundation of intricate hand embellishment, the refinement is evident.


|RG|RTW | R21

This season RACHEL GILBERT launches RTW Brand under the umbrella. The |RG| collection is the ideal for the City Style Icon, Vacation edit, high quality wardrobe essentials and casual social events.

Float puts an emphasis on ease for the day look with an exceptionally practical mindset.
Linen sets becoming the essential look and longevity in a wardrobe.
Pop and neutral knitwear in simplistic silhouettes are timeless and yet polished.
Detailed social dresses steal the show this season, making for the perfect resort look for a day event.