The Wedding Season | A conversation with Laice Bollen

Laice Bollen quickly became a household name in the bridal industry following her launch of Place of LB, formerly known as LB styling. Founded upon the belief that each event - whether a multi day wedding spectacular or intimate dining experience - is an opportunity to tell a story and cultivate enduring memories. In light of the upcoming wedding season, Rachel Gilbert sat down with Laice to discuss all things bridal - this season’s trends, pre-wedding rituals and styling tips. Read the full article below.

You launched your business, formerly LB Styling, now Place of LB in 2020 at the beginning of what would be a 3 year pandemic. How did you find establishing an event-driven business to be during this time?

At the time I was so inspired and driven - it didn't really click until later in our journey that it was pretty comical to start an events business when events couldn't happen. The pandemic was the first of our real challenges...having booked weddings and events then having to move them constantly across 2 years. Yet I never doubted us and was just so passionate about doing something unique, different and fun and it paid off! 

Since launching your business you've styled some of the most covered weddings here in Australia. What are your tips to brides when initially delving in to this process? 

Oh haha thank you! Look, everyone starts their wedding journey at different levels, they may already know quite a bit about weddings and have an idea of vendors they love or maybe they have no idea where to start. My tips are always stay true to who you are as a couple, your wedding should reflect the both of you and be unique to you guys. Do your research, know your limits and budgets, and work with vendors you love and trust. This Journey should be fun and rewarding (it will have its challenges) yet if you have an A-Team behind you, then it is a breeze. 

The wedding & bridal industry has continued to evolve over recent years, what have been some of the biggest shifts in traditions? What are some new trends you've welcomed and trends you think are on the way out? 

This one is always a little harder to answer, when I created our business, my ethos was to create something different and think outside the box as to what a wedding or event could be. Since we have been in the wedding industry, I would say overall-everyone is willing to take more risks: You have seen colour from styling to dress code, Food becoming a show, or the complete opposite and completely tonal and structural. I tend not to look at trends.. if anything try move away from them or take inspiration from them only. If you lean into the advice shared earlier, your wedding should always reflect you as a couple and feel unique, so whilst trends help share your style and vibe, it should always just be inspiration. We love looking to fashion, food & art for inspiration!! As for traditions we love new takes on this whether that is a short ceremony or doing a first look but it is also beautiful when you nod to tradition as some things are just not meant to be changed! 

"What does the wedding 'feel like' not just what it 'looks like', we are big on first impressions and surprises..."

What was it like styling your own wedding compared to your clients? Was there anything looking back at your wedding day that you would change? 

Oh look, this is tough as now I am actually in the wedding industry, so I absolutely would change a few things. (we are definitely going to have a 10 year anniversary party). We got married 5 years ago and I wasn't in the wedding or event world yet, however this is where my passion started, I kind of thought 'hey, that was pretty easy to plan and create...', I found so many similarities to my current job and the skillset transferred so well. I exaggerated a little at the beginning (of course I wouldn't change our wedding day, it was perfect) however I have learnt so much in the last 3 years and would say I am not scared to do things differently so I would really push the boundaries now. I think the difference between styling or creating concepts for your clients is you have to a) ensure it reflects them as a couple them in every way YET b) resonate and represent what and who your business is and what you stand for. It is about the beautiful balance and I LOVE creating concepts for couples... we have appreciation for all styles. 

What are your top pre-wedding day tips or rituals to calm pre-wedding jitters? 

Well if you have a planner, you should have no worries in terms of vendors & logistics or the general running of your wedding and personal tips. HOWEVER, there are always pre-wedding jitters and below are some of my small tips. 

- Ensure you start your work leave early enough, dont work up until 48 hours before as there are so many 'last minute' things to do and appointments, you want to enjoy this and not feel stressed and rushed before the wedding. 

- Set boundaries with friends and family OR ensure you use them for support, it can get overwhelming in the final weeks with family or friends flying in and final tasks to be completed, remember its ok to ask for help and also it is ok to have some down time before the big day.

- Make sure you have a wet weather plan that you love very early on in the planning, this avoids any stresses in that final countdown.

- Have the final month planned out with final tasks, appointments and what needs to happen (your planner will do this for you), yet it is so important to enjoy that final countdown. This also goes for all the final wedding meetings so that the last 2 weeks are stress free. 

- Treat yourself: Ensure you have those last facials booked, massages if needed-just remember to look after yourself (keep zen) 

- Be present with your partner, it can be a lot and it can be daunting yet just remember to be present and in these last moments in the lead up. 

What are your must haves to make the day memorable? 

What does the wedding 'feel like' not just what is 'looks like' we are big on first impressions and surprises, make it memorable not only for you but your guests. 

We ensure you can soak in every moment, we ensure there are moments for you to pause and enjoy and be apart of every moment. (make sure you make canapé hour) 

Trust your vendors, let them make magic for you, this is all a part of moments becoming memorable. 

How do you Incite creativity within yourself?

This is something I am still working on, it has been such a crazy 3 years and it is true that some weeks you just go oh man, I really need to get into that creative mindset this week, how am I going to do it. I have learnt to start making time for myself, to get into the right zones and states of mind for each part of the event and client process. 

I know now I really need to be in the zone when working on a creative concept and have no distractions to be able to be creative. 

In saying this though creativity is always on my mind. I could be driving and see flowers and a road sign and think, I love that juxtaposition it would be an epic idea for 'x couple' so I am always trying to incite creativity in every aspect of my life (try to be open to anything, always).

Travel for me is also key and a lot of our recent overseas trip to London & Paris was to just be exposed to big cities again, history, restaurants and of course-museums. We met up with some of our dream vendors in Paris and our cup is definitely full after this trip, it really reset us. 

"I would very much consider a mini now with a long veil"

Imagine you are getting married again and you're choosing between a Rachel Gilbert gown, what do you pick? 

I always love structure, I love the Minah Gown. But I would very much consider a mini now with a long veil with the Emmy Mini and true to my style, I would maybe do a colour, the Romy Gown could be the winner. 

Being an event-wear brand we'd love to know what your pre-event rituals are? 

This is so important! For me it can be pretty intense in the lead up to the wedding or an event as we ensure there are no stresses for our couples or clients & vendors, so it is key I have balance within that week. My non negotiables are: 

- Be hydrated and eat healthy, I need to make sure I am focused that week. 

- Make time for at least 2 workouts

- Run through all scenarios have the team briefed 

- Keep the vibes high, we love creating excitement and fun in the lead up, for everyone. 

Now as for my outfit selection, this is key, I love fashion and having worked in the industry prior to events I am big on ensuring we are on theme for the wedding yet looking professional + you need to be comfortable as you are on your feet for 18+ hours. Generally it does mean we wear black yet for some of our weddings we will be in colour.. I am big on accessories and shoes so I will normally have heels on for the ceremony, a shoe for reception and then sneakers once they hit the dance floor and we bump out. 

We are in a lot of those important moments, getting you down the aisle, getting you into reception so it is key we look the part. 

Pieces I love are the Winnie Gown in Black & Ryder Skirt in Black & Sapphire.